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Ricardo Peña & the Aztec Dancers (Ricardo Peña: los danzantes aztecas y la herencia indígena

There are two things of great concern to Ricardo Peña of central Mexico, leader and chief drummer for an Aztec dance group in the San Francisco Bay Area. One is that his fellow Aztecs, and all indigenous people (including his own children), realize that being indigenous, being Indian, is something to be proud, not a source of shame or embarrassment.

Born to an indigenous Aztec family which follows the traditional religion, his other concern is to be able to maintain his heritage, his culture, and his religion even though he has left his native land.

Ricardo Peña and the Aztec dancers is a 25-min. documentary, in Spanish with English subtitles.

“...very interesting....a good tool....a great representation of how a Mexican American community is preserving their [sic] Aztec heritage....” --Pedro Lavezarri, for Video Librarian

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